1. What is the difference between sugaring and waxing?

Sugaring is a method that uses an all natural paste made up of sugar, water, and lemon. The paste is applied to the hair and skin in the opposite direction of hair growth and is removed in the same direction of hair growth. Wax is applied in the same direction of hair growth and then removed in the opposite direction of hair growth. Due to the paste being made with simple and natural ingredients it is hypoallergenic, and non irritating. The paste also does not bind as tightly to the skin as wax. It only binds to the hair and dead skin.Thus, when the paste is removed it does not tug on the live skin cells which can cause redness, inflammation, and noticeable swelling. 

2. Does it hurt?

If you are a first timer please be rest assured that you will be FINE! Sugaring does tend to hurt much less than wax due to not binding as tightly to the skin. It only binds to the hair and dead skin. So, essentially you are just feeling the hair being pulled out. It is definitely not the best feeling in the world but it certainly is not the worst.  Just remain calm, and it will be over before you know it. Whatever you do DO NOT watch random videos of hair removal. Most of them are all over exaggerated. At the end you will be so in love with the results. 

3. Can I get sugared while pregnant?

YES! ABSOLUTELY! Pregnant women tend to be a little more sensitive. However, it is completely safe. It is suggested to start your routine as early as possible in your pregnancy to prevent from having to lay on the table for a longer amount of time when you are further along in your pregnancy. 

4. Can I get sugared on my menstrual cycle?

So, here is the thing. You absolutely CAN. We do understand that some women may feel uncomfortable doing so. However, as long as you are clean (obviously) and have on a fresh tampon the service can still be completed. Please understand, that no one is judging you! We are professionals, and will take good care of you no matter what! If you still do not feel comfortable that is totally fine. Just keep in mind if you cancel a scheduled appointment you can still be charged a cancellation fee. 

5. What is exfoliating and how often should I do it?

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin. There are 2 types of exfoliation; chemical (uses enzymes, and acids to eat away at dead skin), and mechanical (physical removal of dead skin ex. body scrubs, brushes, etc.) it is very important to remove dead skin cells in order for new skin cells to replace it. Skin cells reproduce rapidly so it is essential to have a consistent routine to remove dead skin in order to keep skin fresh, smooth, and new. A good routine is to exfoliate every 2-3 days. However, do not exfoliate the same day you get sugared, as the act of sugaring itself is a form of exfoliation. 



1. I am trying to book online but the day/time I want is not available. What should I do?

The online booking site is up to date with the latest availability. So, this means your sugaring expert may not be accepting appointments, or this time may be booked. Please, contact The Sugar Parlor to see if names are being accepted for a cancellation list for the desired day/time.

2. Do I have to provide my card information in order to book an appointment?

To simply put it; Yes. It is required to have a card on file to book an appointment. No exceptions. This ensures that our policies are enforced and it allows for a smoother transaction at the end of the service. Your card will not be charged until the service has been completed, unless you choose to pay ahead. 

3. I have not received a confirmation email. What should I do?

If you haven't received an email confirming your appointment it is most likely due to a typo in the email address entered. Please, feel free to contact The Sugar Parlor to make sure your appointment has been set. 

 4. Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

We will only allow potential clients to be with you at your appointment. It is distracting to bring anyone else. Potential clients are fine because most times they want to see how the process works before they have their own experience. Often, times people who have never even thought about getting hair removed will become convinced that they should try it. Let's face it, we LOVE new clients!